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Personal Injury & Civil Rights

Representative Cases

  • Slip and fall case with alleged extensive damages that occurred at a multi-billion dollar international retail store.

  • Students sue each other and their university as a result of an alleged sexual assault and alleged botched Title IX investigation.

  • Personal injury dispute arising from significant damages to a passenger because of the airline’s alleged failure to provide her with a wheel chair and luggage assistance when she arrived to LAX. Alleged damages included damage to arms, shoulders, knees and cervical and lumbar spine. She required surgeries, injections, rehabilitation and future surgeries.

  • FHA case in which an alleged “tenant” of a low income mobile home park owned by the City sued the City and its management companies for failing to provide a “reasonable accommodation” for parking due to tenant’s alleged back disability. The City alleged that he was only a guest of the mobile home park, not a “tenant,” and accordingly, had no right to park nor reside at the mobile home park.

  • Car accident in which plaintiff suffered severe injuries to her cervical and lumbar spine.

  • Case involving a child who drowned in a swimming pool at a birthday party
  • Case involving a truck driver who lost his leg when his truck collided with an automobile

  • Brain damage case as a result of automobile accident

  • Pedestrian death as a result of an automobile accident

  • Catastrophic automobile accident involving severe injuries to cervical and lumbar spine

  • Numerous railroad cases involving union members injured on the job

  • Case involving a paraplegic injured while playing wheelchair basketball at his rehabilitation facility

  • Car accident in which plaintiff suffered severe injuries to her cervical and lumbar spine.

  • Slip and fall case arising when a woman suffered significant back and leg injuries from slipping on water on the floor of a hotel bathroom during a work convention.

  • Numerous slip and fall cases involving a large national franchise stores where plaintiffs were injured when slipping on liquids resulting from broken products.

  • Dispute in which a family sued for personal injury damages due to alleged toxic mold in their residence during their tenancy.

  • Person sued his friend for damages to his back when he fell off a bridge when entering his friend’s swimming pool. He alleged that the pool was in an unsafe condition because it had no handrails and a sharp object on the step where the handrail used to be attached.

  • Civil Rights dispute involving the alleged excessive use of police force during a traffic stop.

  • Civil Rights dispute involving alleged excessive police force during a police visit to someone’s home, resulting in brain and emotional distress injuries.

  • Plaintiff sued defendant in a road rage case for damages to his car, emotional distress damages, cost of medical bills and punitive damages when defendant blocked the road with his car, and then exited his car to hit plaintiff and plaintiff’s Ferrari with a crow bar.

  • Plaintiff sued defendant for an accident in which defendant’s car collided with plaintiff’s motorcycle. Plaintiff alleged millions of dollars in damages, including costs for medical treatment, spinal surgery, rehabilitation and emotional distress. Plaintiff also made a large claim for future damages, which defendant contested on the ground that, after plaintiff’s surgery and recovery, plaintiff had a subsequent motorcycle crash and injury.

  • Plaintiff sued defendant for sexual assault when her then husband allegedly repeatedly physically forced her to have sex with him, leading to infertility and emotional distress.

  • Plaintiff sued a high profile defendant when he was allegedly hit and severely injured by defendant’s car while walking in a parking lot.

  • Claimant sued HOA and property manager for FHA, FEHA, Unruh Act and Bane act violations due to sexual harassment by the property manager of her condominium complex. She also sued for retaliation after she complained.

  • Dispute resulting when defendant’s dog allegedly attacked plaintiff neighbor’s dog. The dog died of the injuries after plaintiff incurred $40,000 in medical and rehabilitation expenses.

  • Plaintiff attorney sued his client for defamation, alleging that his client posted disparaging and defamatory remarks on AVVO.

  • Plaintiff, who was a pregnant obstetrician, sued defendant for rear-ending her car. She alleged significant lost wages, claiming that the accident forced her to go on bed rest, thereby preventing her from treating patients and obtaining new clients.

  • Plaintiff was bit in the arm by defendant’s dog in an apartment building where they both lived. Plaintiff sued defendant and the apartment building. Plaintiff asked for $1 million in damages due to medical costs, emotional distress, and future medical costs.

  • Numerous car accident cases involving contested liability issues, large damages, and/or insurance coverage/reservation of rights issues.

  • Dispute brought by the Homeless Task Force against a city for it’s alleged unconstitutional actions involving the impoundment and storage of homeless persons’ property.