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Representative Cases


  • Employee administrative assistant sued her large national employer for pregnancy discrimination, harassment and hostile work environment.

  • 20 year employee sued her large international employer for racial discrimination and wrongful termination due to the alleged discriminatory behavior of her new supervisor. 

  • A part-time employee sued a national coffee franchise company for wrongful termination and sexual harassment when a supervisor made sexual advances toward her after work while drinking at a bar.

  • An employee sued a large national franchise store for sexual orientation discrimination due to repeated homophobic comments made by supervisors and others during her employment, even after she lodged complaints. 

  • An employee sued for wrongful termination and discrimination that occurred repeatedly by co-workers at a large national retail store.

  • An employee sued a national pharmacy for wrongful termination, age discrimination and disability discrimination when she was terminated after 20 plus years of employment and an injury to her arms that made it difficult for her to perform her existing job duties.

  • An actor sued for wrongful termination when he was terminated by the theater after rehearsals but before opening night. The actor alleged that he was fired for racially discriminatory reasons and because he asked for a copy of the signed employment agreement.

  • An independent contractor who performed construction sued a construction company for wrongful termination and harassment when they sent him home from the construction project for marijuana. He claimed that he suffered from a repetitive pattern of sexual harassment and bullying from supervisors at the job.

  • An employee sued a technology company for sexual harassment because the supervisor allegedly made repeated sexually-themed jokes and comments.

  • An employee sued his company for wrongful termination, age/race discrimination when he was terminated from long time employment due to complaints about work conditions, job duties and her supervisor.

  • Claimant sued HOA and property manager for FHA, FEHA, Unruh Act and Bane act violations due to sexual harassment by the property manager of her condominium complex. She also sued for retaliation after she complained.

  • An adjunct professor sued the college where she worked for age discrimination when the college no longer asked her to teach classes at the college after 7 years of allegedly good reviews.

  • A faculty member sued the college where she worked for failing to grant her tenure despite her reputation, alleged hard work and good reviews.

  • Assisted family members, who jointly owned and operated a family publicity management company, in defining their job responsibilities and determining a fair compensation structure so as to avoid future family resentment and discord.

  • Segment producers of a popular television talk show sued employer television talk show when they were terminated for refusing to perform job duties that conflicted with their morals.

  • A nurse sued the medical provider where she worked for many years alleging that she was wrongfully terminated because of age discrimination and retaliation for reporting poor work by some of the attending doctors.

  • Professor of a University sued the University for fraudulent hiring, failure for reappointment, failure to award tenure, discrimination and harassment.

  • Low wage car washer sued car wash company and manager for sexual harassment.