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Breach of Fiduciary Duty / Insurance Coverage Cases / Other

Representative Cases

  • Case in which a person sued her insurance company for bad faith related to denial of his claim for property damage resulting from smoke from an electrical short-circuiting in the house.

  • Fee dispute in which attorney sued client for 40% of settlement amount when case was settled after the termination of the relationship and may have included occurrences outside of the attorney-client relationship.

  • Insurance Declaratory Relief action regarding a duty to defend or cover under a CGL policy in which a contractor is a policy holder in a dispute with a property owner involving negligence allegations.

  • Medical malpractice case involving a 76 year old woman who fractured her hip when dismounting from an MRI table. Her doctor had ordered her to have a sedative due to claustrophobia prior to the MRI and she was not offered one by the hospital

  • Interpleader action to divide life insurance proceeds between wife and children of a previous marriage due to alleged problems with beneficiary designation.

  • Attorney sued his client for half a million dollars when she refused to pay plaintiff pursuant to a 36% contingency fee agreement on a judgment. Plaintiff alleged that he is entitled to 36% of the judgment given that he represented his client through a trial that resulted in a favorable judgment for plaintiff. Defendant client alleged that the money was not due because the attorney stopped providing services prior to the entry of judgment. The settlement was complicated by the fact that an attorney’s fees motion was pending on appeal after being denied by the trial court.

  • A client sued his criminal defense attorney for a return of the money that he paid to the attorney pursuant to a retainer agreement. The client alleged that the attorney provided minimal services for him, and accordingly, is not entitled to the retainer money.

  • Divorce attorney sued her client for failure to pay her full attorney’s fees resulting from her representation of her client in divorce proceedings.

  • Dispute involving homeless individuals and advocates against the city for violations regarding the storage and impoundment of personal property.

  • Numerous insurance coverage disputes regarding CGL policies.

  • Numerous insurance coverage disputes regarding homeowner’s policy.